Friday, May 28, 2010

EuroVoice 2010: the internet voting stage is over... 3nity Brothers are ranked No.1 French artists!

he boys ended up with a +/- difference of 4001 votes. It implies the following:
- No.1 artist in France
- No. 9 artist among all the international artists
- No. 8 country with the most +/- votes

Thanks to all the support received, 3nity Brothers is on the (preliminary) list of participants of the Super Final and should be the representative of France at EuroVoice 2010 contest in Athens (Sept 23-24). Some legal formalities have to be handled by all the contestants before the definitive list of Super Finalists is officially published. See the preliminary list of finalists for each country here: Preliminary list of Super Finalists (Eurovoice 2010)

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